Make Plans in Advance

As much as you can, plan ahead. If you are able to plan out an itinerary, it will keep you on track and push you to try out new things. Traveling alone gives you the freedom to do everything you want on your own schedule. Planning around that allows you to have a jam packed trip

Check-in at Home

Solo travel can be nerve racking for your family members. Ease their mind by checking in every now and again. This will ensure that you’re okay, but also tip them off in the event of an emergency. Plus, it will be nice to talk to loved ones if you get homesick. A call home can be just what you need to get refreshed if you are feeling lonely.

Do What You Want to Do

Often times when traveling, you are at the mercy of the entire group. Traveling by yourself ensures that you get to do exactly what you want when you want. Your travel mates do not normally want to see museums or look at architecture? When you travel by yourself you can do whatever you want the entire trip if you like! Use a solo traveling experience as a getaway to do anything and everything you have ever wanted to do. Which leads me to my next point.

Enjoy the Time With Yourself

Solo trips are, by design, an extremely personal experience. They are for you and you alone. Enjoy the time by yourself, take adventures you’ve always wanted to take, and refresh in solitude. Solo travel is one of the most refreshing experience, but one of the hardest to take the initial plunge. There are a lot of unknowns in solo travel. Are you going to like it? Will it be fun? Will I get lonely? These are all normal questions to ask, but you’ll never truly know the answer unless you take that step. No matter what, you’ll come back with a different perspective.

Carry Hotel Business Cards

When you check in, be sure to swipe a couple of hotel cards and keep them on your person. You’ll be doing a lot of exploring and may get a little lost. Having the address on hand can help you find your way back. Additionally, if you’re in a foreign location, it may be easiest to hand a cab driver a card rather than attempting to break a language barrier.

Live Like a Local

When you are traveling solo, you can live like a local! Talk to locals and find out the best things to do, the best sights to see, and what they do for fun. It will be easy to do by yourself and will be extremely rewarding. Living like a local gives you an extremely personal and cultural enriching trip. Have fun, talk to people around you, and make new friends!