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James Torpey loves to travel and experience life in different areas of the world. He enjoys getting the opportunity to immerse himself in different cultures, learning about the history of the countries, talking to locals and tasting the local fare.


James’ favorite places to travel have been the “Riviera Maya” in Mexico and Ireland. He has been to each place a minimum of five times. James Torpey usually travels to Mexico during the winter to take advantage of the warm climate and beautiful beaches during New England’s tough winter months. James has been fortunate to be able to watch the village “Playa del Carmen” grow and flourish over the years. When he first began traveling here, there were only a handful of hotels and restaurants and the main area to congregate known as “5th Ave” was only about ¼ mile long. It has grown quite a bit since, with a large number of hotels,  restaurants, shopping, clubs and “5th Ave” seems to go on for a couple of miles.

James likes to go bike riding frequently while in Mexico. He prefers to ride away from the main tourist areas and into the neighborhoods where the locals live. This ride provides a better sense of what the average families living in the neighborhoods actually experience on a daily basis. You do not have to travel that far away from “5TH Ave” before noticing that many neighborhoods are disadvantaged. These rides have truly put things into perspective for James and has inspired him to learn more about the factors influencing the economic climate in these areas in his studies at school.

During the summer months, James Torpey has enjoyed traveling throughout Ireland with his family; spending time in Dublin, Wexford, Waterford, Galway and Cork. He stays in the home his family has occupied for about 100 years. Over the course of his lifetime, he has learned about Irish culture, politics, religion and the economy. He can appreciate the changes that have occurred since he was a child. The pastoral scenery in the small village is very different than what he is accustomed to in the Unites States. James enjoys spending time in the local pubs playing pool and darts. Many people from the village congregate there. This gives him an opportunity to interact with the locals and get a good sense of how people live.

James Torpey looks forwards to planning his next trip. He welcomes the chance to travel extensively in Mexico. He would like to travel more inland to better appreciate a different way of life. He is interested in comparing the politics, business and culture in the different regions.

James Torpey Professional Overview

James Torpey is an undergraduate student working towards his Bachelor of Science degree in International Business. Additionally, he is minoring in Spanish which has helped him in both his travels as well as career aspirations. He first became interested in International Business when he toured an investment firm in Boston. His travel experiences have been eye opening and a driving force in his choice to study International Business. After graduation, he will be applying for positions where he can apply his knowledge and experience.

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