10 Unique Travel Destinations to Venture To This Summer


10. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a hub of quirky city culture and beauty stretching from mountain to mountain. This city is known for its ability to host many different types of travelers with entertainment on every street. Whether you are looking to get some fresh air in the mountains by hiking a piece of the Appalachian Trail or grab a bite a the Sunset Terrace, this city has it all.

9.Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a city that has everything you could possibly need to experience a wonderful vacation. This South African peninsula has beaches, hiking, culture and food you must try. If crystal blue water and perfect weather is not enough for you to hop on a plane, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront has restaurants and stores to spend hours at.

8. Portland, Oregon

Portland has been a city on the rise within the past few years. With the attention and growth this Oregon city has experienced, it makes a definite place worth traveling to this summer. Portland’s downtown is easily walkable which allows for simple tax-free shopping!

7.Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland’s biggest city allows for equal amount of fun. From the cafe district to the breath-taking museums this city as to offer, it is definitely worthy of travel this summer. Navigating throughout the city is a breeze due to the city’s open arms to tourism. The Glasgow Cathedral and the City Chambers are spots not to miss. This city has a strong nightlife scene to beautiful history which makes it such a desirable spot to travel to.

6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Many are calling Pittsburgh the best city to travel to in 2017, and for obvious reasons. Pittsburgh’s downtown is bursting with such strong love for the arts and entertainment. Summer in Pittsburgh is ideal for this east coast city for the best weather. Phipps Conservatory and the Warhol museum are a must see when coming through this iron city. It is a creative hodgepodge of beauty around every corner.

5. Hamburg, Germany

This offbeat but gorgeous city starts with a lake right in the middle of the city surrounded by large beautiful buildings. Ferries and cruises sail with ease in and out of the harbor during the summertime. The Speicherstadt warehouse district is a jaw-dropping sight to see with being the largest warehouse district in the world on timber logs. Hamburg is full of unexpected surprises which makes it a definite place worthy of summer travel.

4. Prince Edward Island, Canada

This island has beauty at every turn. Prince Edward Island is known for their seafood, beaches and farmland. Golfing and fishing are some relaxing things to do during your relaxing stay on the island. This spot is for nothing but relaxation and a great view of the landscape at every moment.

3. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is known for its Gothic architecture and its wine. The city has a very modern public transportation system which allows tourists and locals to navigate the city with ease. You can not go to Bordeaux without going to a wine tasting or exploring the city center and the medieval stone towers.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver has exploded in the past two years in terms of tourism and people moving there. It is the hub of American culture and youth right now. Denver has a great balance of downtown and outdoors which allows tourists to get a great experience from this city.

1. Huế, Vietnam

Known as the most royal city in Vietnam. Huế has a the Perfume River running right through the center of it. This city has Emperor’s Tombs, artifacts and food you can not eat anywhere else which gives this place so much cultural diversity.

10 Unique Travel Destinations

James Torpey discusses 10 unique travel destinations to explore this summer.