Top Travel Gadgets & Accessories

Top Travel Gadgets & Accessories

If you are a travel junkie looking to stock up on great gear to get you through the airports, flights, and hotel rooms – look no further. This list goes through some of the quintessential travel items that will make your trip a breeze. Next time you find yourself packing for vacation or a business trip, make sure these items end up going with you.

Electronic Luggage Scale

Because there is nothing worse than arriving to the airport late only to check your bag – and it’s over weight. This little gadget will make sure you’re underweight before you even leave. Plus, most are compact enough to throw in your bag for the return trip home. We both know you’re not going to be able to resist a souvenir or two.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There are a number of great little speakers out there and they pack a punch! Bring one of these along for your hotel room, on the beach, or while relaxing by the pool. Whatever speaker you decide on will be compact enough to tuck away in your suitcase, but loud enough to get any party started!

Waterproof bags

Before your next trip, grab yourself a waterproof bag. You never know when you’ll be caught in a rainstorm or making a spontaneous beach trip. Having a waterproof bag on you will give you the peace of mind that all your personal belongings will remain dry. It’s also not a bad idea to keep a full change of clothes in one of these bags so you are ready for anything!

Power Pack

Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, you may not always have access to an outlet to charge your devices. Plus, it always seems that our devices are on the verge of dying right when we need them. Keeping a portable power pack charged and on your person can save you in a bind.

Refillable Liquid Travel Containers

These bad boys will save you a ton of money and effort. They are TSA approved and easy to use. Fill them up with your favorite shampoos, conditioners, and other liquid bathroom products. This makes your weekender with only a carry-on much less of a headache. They also save you money from having to buy the travel size bottles! Just fill with the products that are already in your shower at home and you are good to go!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Planes can get noisy and you’ll want to be prepared. Do yourself a favor and grab some noise cancelling headphones before your next trip. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes without having to crank the volume to drown everything else out. If turnin’ the tunes up to 11 is your thing, these types of headphones have you covered. The cancel noise without sacrificing sound.