How To Be Comfortable During A Long Flight

When you are stuck on a flight for a long period of time it can be hard to get comfortable or fall asleep. Flights can be draining, especially if you are traveling far and can take a couple days to recover from, ruining part of your vacation or travel plans. Here are some tips to stay refreshed while on a plane and ready to adventure as soon as your flight touches down.

Wear Comfy Clothes

The best thing you can do for yourself on a flight is to wear comfy clothes. While pajamas are not recommended, sweats, hoodies, and comfortable shoes like sneakers and moccasins are perfectly acceptable on a long flight. Make sure to wear layers because the plane definitely can get cold and warm depending.


It is important to hydrate both your body and your skin when you are on a flight. Drinking coffee and alcohol will not only dehydrate you, they will drain you while on a long flight and leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Instead, opt for water or other hydrating drinks to keep you healthy and feeling good while on the plane. In addition, the cabin can air quality can leave your skin cracked. Make sure to bring along chapstick and apply moisturizing lotion to your skin so that you can hydrate your skin as well.

Block out Distractions

Unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee that you will get a good seat mate or won’t be surrounded by crying babies. Make sure that you pack headphones or noise canceling headphones if you plan to sleep on the plane. In addition, a sleeping mask will block out the light and help you sleep on the plane as well. This can definitely come in handy if you are changing time zones while you are on a business or vacation trip and want to start adjusting. In addition, downloading podcasts, movies, or audiobooks ahead of time can be great to pass the time while on a long flight.

Long flights don’t have to be tedious and draining. If you come prepared you can be comfortable and feel refreshed and relaxed after your flight.