Millenials Shaping The Travel Industy

Millennials are disrupting travel and giving the industry a run for their money. In order to continue making the same money they always were, the travel industry is going to have to keep up with the demands of the younger generation. Here’s just a few of the things Millennials are looking for.

Custom experiences

Millennials stay far away from cookie cutter experiences. The travelers of yesteryear wanted cruise packages and beach front properties. Young adults now want experiences that cater to their wants and needs. The travel industry needs to start providing more flexible options to attract the younger crowd.

Taking sharing to a new level

Today’s young adults are fully immersed in the sharing economy. They take Uber from the airport to get to an AirBnB instead of going the traditional taxi/hotel route. This is in part due to the customization. It’s pretty easy to do when all you have to do is throw open an app. AirBnB also offers prime locations with a unique feel. Every place you stay feels home-y, because it’s actually someone’s house!

Mixing business with pleasure

Millennials, more than any generation, are mixing business and travel. A staggering amount of young professionals are planning vacations around business trips. They save money on airfare and had a prior reason to be at the destination. Additionally, more young professionals are working flexible hours. This means they have the time to see sights and experience the city they are visiting.

Yearning for learnin’

Young adults are going into vacations and traveling with the expectation of coming away with new knowledge and experiences that pushed them as people. Millennials are interesting in picking up the language of where they are visiting or are interested in coming away with a brand new skill. Millennials also are eager to volunteer and give back to the community they are visiting. They want to get something out of the experience and leave something behind.
No matter how you look at it, Millennials are disrupting the traditional values of the travel industry and pushing them to expand what can be offered. It’s ultimately an inevitable change. As more of the Millennial generation are coming into better jobs and more money, they increase their buying power and influence.