Secrets to Getting Cheap Flights

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Often airfare can be the most expensive purchase of a whole trip and often the least fun. Getting to a destination shouldn’t have to cost you massive amounts of money. Saving money on your flight will leave you with more funds to do the fun things you want to do and also make going on vacation more affordable.


  • Leave on a Wednesday – most people book their vacation so that they leave on a Friday or Saturday making these the most popular days to fly. Booking your flight on a Wednesday will normally be a lower cost (unless it’s a holiday) because there is less demand.
  • Monitor Social Media – Many airlines will post hot deals on social media, promoting cheap flights. However, these deals often don’t last long so it’s important to jump on them when you see them. Following airlines Facebook and twitter will help you be able to monitor these deals more easily.
  • Pick the Layover – Although layovers and plane changes can be annoying, they are likely to save you $50-$100.
  • Compare – use sites like, Skyscanner, google flights, and more to compare different airlines and see which flights are cheaper. Keep in mind if these airlines have extra baggage costs, etc. because these all can factor into the price
  • Get an airline credit card – Fly often? Get an airline credit card that gives you points towards flights every time you use it. You can rack up a lot of miles and get flights for free by buying things you would normally purchase anyway using that card.
  • Be Flexible – When planning a vacation be flexible with the days you’re flying out and flying back. Adding a couple days to your travels can save you big bucks. Plus who doesn’t love an extended vacation?
  • Don’t Book Roundtrip – Sometimes flights can be cheaper if you book two one-way tickets than if you book a roundtrip flight. Flying to a place with a different airline than you fly home from can definitely save you money.

There are plenty of sites and tips out there that can help you save money on airlines costs. The important thing to do is to research and not book the first slight that you see. This way you can have more funds when you get to your actual destination.

How to Save Money When You Travel

How to Save Money When You Travel

Traveling the world is a dream that many people don’t deem possible due to finances and time. However with the right money saving tips you can definitely afford to take a trip every year without having to eat ramen every day.


Your flight is usually your biggest purchase when you are traveling. Flights can definitely be costly especially when flying out of the country. To save extra cash make sure to be flexible for your flying in and out day. Often leaving one day later or earlier can make up to a $300+ difference. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest day to fly due to the fact that there is less demand then so flying out those days can save you a good amount of money.

Although they can clutter your inbox, signing up for email alerts from airlines as well as flight deal sites like Secret Flying and The Flight Deal. Also, travel light if you can. Airlines charge if you have two bags or more and some are even charging per bag. Instead, opt for a carry on if possible – this way you don’t have to worry about pesky luggage claims either.


Car rentals and taxis can put a huge dent into your budget. When traveling, using public transportation as much as possible is your best bet for saving money. Also walking as much as you can is also a great idea. You can take in the sights, get exercise, and not spend a single cent on transportation.


When eating out three meals a day food budget can definitely sky rocket when traveling. While you want to be able to experience the many foods the culture has to offer, you can do this without emptying your wallet. For breakfast try shopping at the local market or grocery store and picking up fruits, yogurt, and other snacks. Also, watch where the locals go.

Often restaurants catering towards tourists can trap you and leave you with an expensive bill. Instead, try local stands and see where the lines are to taste delicious food. Another money saving tip is to eat big meals at lunch rather than dinner. Since food is often cheaper in the afternoon you will save money on the same food you’d be eating at dinner without sacrificing the experience of trying out new foods.


If you don’t feel comfortable staying in a hostel but also don’t want to pay the pricey fees that come with a hotel then there are many other options. AirBnB is a great way to stay, as well as experience the culture of another country or place better. Also staying in a home allows you access to a kitchen which can tremendously cut down on the high cost of having to eat out. Also staying in the less touristy town 15 minutes from your destination can cut down on costs if you don’t mind being a little bit farther.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still travel. Sticking to a budget, finding cheap transportation and housing deals, are all great ways to travel without breaking the bank. The key to traveling cheaper is to plan so start researching your next destination early and thoroughly.

Famous Destination: Offseason Visit

Vacationers are always talking about the “best” times to visit particular destinations, but most often they are referring to a time that a lot of other people have in mind. Although there is nothing wrong with traveling in peak seasons, there is an exciting charm about traveling in the offseason when you can explore new surroundings without the crowds. The list below highlights some famous destinations with an offseason travel recommendation.

New Orleans, Louisiana

When people generally think of traveling to New Orleans, Mardi Gras is what they plan their visit around. The streets are flooded with tourists who want to take part in the biggest party in the United States. If you ask any of the locals about the best time to visit, they will most certainly tell you to avoid Mardi Gras and come for Halloween.


The month of July is a tourist hotspot. The weather is pleasant and you’ll be received more warmly. The locals at any travel destination often become tired of the crowds and tourists. Plan your trip to Thailand in June for a better overall experience. The rain season is just about over and has cooled the area down. There are also less crowds and more hotel availability. June is the perfect time to experience Thailand for less money and less headache!

Boston, Massachusetts

Most tourists make their way to Boston for the summer. There’s plenty going on, the weather is warm, and the city is hopping. Don’t get me wrong, the summer months are a great time for a Boston vacation, but it’s not the only time you should visit. For a truly unique experience, visit Boston in October or November. The air will be a little brisk, but experiencing the fall foliage will be worth the extra layer. Boston is a town full of history, culture, and art, so there is something there for everyone – no matter what time of year.

Paris, France

Paris is another destination to take advantage of in the fall. The weather is cooling down and the summer vacation crowd has died down. You will feel as though you have the city to yourself. Top attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre will have significantly smaller lines, thus allowing you to spend some quality time with Mona Lisa.


Hawaii sees a ton of tourist traffic twice a year. During the summer Hawaii sees the vacation crowd and in the winter the see travelers from all over coming to escape the cold. The truth with Hawaii is that there is never a bad time to be there. The weather remains pretty consistent and it’s beautiful year round. If you are looking for a unique experience, planning your trip for April or May is the way to go. Doing so will get you to Hawaii for less money, in the “dry” season before hurricane season, and at a time where the beaches aren’t flooded with other tourists.