A Backpackers Guide to Packing

Quality Backpack

This is a no brainer. You are going to need a reliable (and comfortable) pack to hold all your gear. It’s got to have additional pockets for easy access to frequently used items. The pack also needs to secure all your belongings so you are not worried about things falling out. Depending what type of backpacking you are doing will dictate what is the most appropriate bag to bring. If you are solely hiking outdoors, you will need a different backpack than traveling across different countries. Do yourself a favor and grab a high-quality pack that will last you years to come and is appropriate for the trips you take most often.

The Essentials

No matter what type of backpacking you are doing, there are essentials that you will need no matter what. Below highlights some of the best gear, gadgets, and clothing to keep in mind when packing a single bag and hitting the road.


You are going to absolutely need to pack clothing! Without sensible clothing, you can end up unprepared and uncomfortable. Be sure to pack weather-appropriate clothing. If it’s going to be cold, you’ll be happy you brought gloves, scarves, hats, long johns, and a coat! Conversely, if it’s going to be hot, you’ll want shorts and lightweight shirts to keep you cool. With that being said, It’s easy to overpack clothing. Think sensibly about what you bring and also within reason of what your bag can hold.


This may be more relevant for someone backpacking across Europe rather than a weekend escape to the woods, but nonetheless, here’s some tips. Electronics can get heavy and weigh down your pack. If you don’t need a laptop for anything other than funny youtube videos and Netflix, it may not be necessary. You will want to bring your smartphone for directions, to stay in contact with friends & family, and to look up local hotspots for food. Bringing a camera along is also a great idea. You’ll be able to capture all the great memories without worrying about taking up room on your phone.

Beware, electronics are easily lost or target to theft because they often cost quite a bit in the first place. Be cognizant of this and make sure your items are secured at all times.

Travel Necessities

Things that fall into the travel necessities categories are items you’ll need to make traveling easier and more comfortable. You will want to have all appropriate chargers and a universal plug adapter if you are traveling abroad. Additionally, you may want earplugs and an eye mask for those hostels that are extra loud and bright. Sleeping well is essential to the success of your trip, so bring a blanket with you in case you need extra warmth at night. Things like sunglasses, grooming equipment, and hygiene products are also vital to the comfortability of any trip. Finally, include a small “repair kit” that has duct tape, a small sewing kit, and anything else that you think is appropriate to fix items if they get damaged along the way.

First Aid

Have a first aid kit with you. In the event you need it, a first aid kit will help you keep minor injuries from becoming worse. Additionally, having pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medication, and any additional medication you may take will provide a better travel experience for you.


The admin section covers a wide variety of items you’ll need to do most anything. Have your debit/credit cards, a small amount of cash, passport, and proper form of identification. Finding yourself without these items will make travel extremely difficult. These items are also extremely important, so keep them on your person at all times in a secure location where they won’t get lost or stolen.

Have fun!

Now that your bag is packed, remember to have fun! Backpacking is an exciting experience! You’ve taken the time to pack everything you could ever need and are prepared for anything your trip will throw at you. Enjoy your trip, experience new things, meet interesting people, and take pictures to document your adventure!