Preparing for your long term travel plans can be a very stressful activity. There’s a lot to do! If you have a plan in place, it will be much easier. The list below highlights some of the most important things to do before leaving for a long term trip.

Forward your Mail

If you can, get as many of your bills “paperless” as to avoid a trash bag of mail upon your return. For everything else, have a trusted relative or friend receive your mail for the time you will be away. This will save you the headache of lost mail or having an overflowing mailbox.

Travel Banking

You will want to avoid as many fees as possible while traveling – you’ll need the money! If you are traveling abroad, get a card that does not accrue international transaction fees. Even if you are traveling within your country, try to get a card that does not charge ATM fees either. It may not seem like a big deal, but those fees add up quickly.

Budget/Look for Work

You will want to set up a budget and do your best to stick to it. If you are planning on being a little more liberal with your money, do your best to set up odd jobs in the places you are staying. If you have the skills, set up some digital freelancing before you leave so you can work remotely!

Set Up Travel Insurance

Check with your insurance provider and be sure to acquire travel insurance. Accidents happen and you do not want a trip to the hospital to suck up your entire travel budget. Do yourself a favor and make a call to your insurance provider and make sure you’ll be covered no matter where you end up.

Pack as Light as Possible

This especially goes for you backpackers! The more things you bring with you the more lugging you will have to do on hikes, between flights, and getting in and out of busses/cabs. Do your best to bring only the necessities. Bring a week or two worth of clothing and do laundry often. It will save space in your bag and be less weight you have to carry! Plan and pack ahead so you have time to get rid of excess or gather extra materials.

Have a Farewell Party!

Set up a get together for all your friends and family as a pleasant farewell. This will help ease the pain of homesickness, but also gives your family and friends the opportunity to wish you off all at once. It will be much harder trying to run around or see everyone before you’re off. Plus, why not kick off your travels with a party.