10 Unique Travel Destinations to Venture To This Summer


10. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a hub of quirky city culture and beauty stretching from mountain to mountain. This city is known for its ability to host many different types of travelers with entertainment on every street. Whether you are looking to get some fresh air in the mountains by hiking a piece of the Appalachian Trail or grab a bite a the Sunset Terrace, this city has it all.

9.Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a city that has everything you could possibly need to experience a wonderful vacation. This South African peninsula has beaches, hiking, culture and food you must try. If crystal blue water and perfect weather is not enough for you to hop on a plane, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront has restaurants and stores to spend hours at.

8. Portland, Oregon

Portland has been a city on the rise within the past few years. With the attention and growth this Oregon city has experienced, it makes a definite place worth traveling to this summer. Portland’s downtown is easily walkable which allows for simple tax-free shopping!

7.Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland’s biggest city allows for equal amount of fun. From the cafe district to the breath-taking museums this city as to offer, it is definitely worthy of travel this summer. Navigating throughout the city is a breeze due to the city’s open arms to tourism. The Glasgow Cathedral and the City Chambers are spots not to miss. This city has a strong nightlife scene to beautiful history which makes it such a desirable spot to travel to.

6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Many are calling Pittsburgh the best city to travel to in 2017, and for obvious reasons. Pittsburgh’s downtown is bursting with such strong love for the arts and entertainment. Summer in Pittsburgh is ideal for this east coast city for the best weather. Phipps Conservatory and the Warhol museum are a must see when coming through this iron city. It is a creative hodgepodge of beauty around every corner.

5. Hamburg, Germany

This offbeat but gorgeous city starts with a lake right in the middle of the city surrounded by large beautiful buildings. Ferries and cruises sail with ease in and out of the harbor during the summertime. The Speicherstadt warehouse district is a jaw-dropping sight to see with being the largest warehouse district in the world on timber logs. Hamburg is full of unexpected surprises which makes it a definite place worthy of summer travel.

4. Prince Edward Island, Canada

This island has beauty at every turn. Prince Edward Island is known for their seafood, beaches and farmland. Golfing and fishing are some relaxing things to do during your relaxing stay on the island. This spot is for nothing but relaxation and a great view of the landscape at every moment.

3. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is known for its Gothic architecture and its wine. The city has a very modern public transportation system which allows tourists and locals to navigate the city with ease. You can not go to Bordeaux without going to a wine tasting or exploring the city center and the medieval stone towers.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver has exploded in the past two years in terms of tourism and people moving there. It is the hub of American culture and youth right now. Denver has a great balance of downtown and outdoors which allows tourists to get a great experience from this city.

1. Huế, Vietnam

Known as the most royal city in Vietnam. Huế has a the Perfume River running right through the center of it. This city has Emperor’s Tombs, artifacts and food you can not eat anywhere else which gives this place so much cultural diversity.

10 Unique Travel Destinations

James Torpey discusses 10 unique travel destinations to explore this summer.

Secrets to Getting Cheap Flights

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Often airfare can be the most expensive purchase of a whole trip and often the least fun. Getting to a destination shouldn’t have to cost you massive amounts of money. Saving money on your flight will leave you with more funds to do the fun things you want to do and also make going on vacation more affordable.


  • Leave on a Wednesday – most people book their vacation so that they leave on a Friday or Saturday making these the most popular days to fly. Booking your flight on a Wednesday will normally be a lower cost (unless it’s a holiday) because there is less demand.
  • Monitor Social Media – Many airlines will post hot deals on social media, promoting cheap flights. However, these deals often don’t last long so it’s important to jump on them when you see them. Following airlines Facebook and twitter will help you be able to monitor these deals more easily.
  • Pick the Layover – Although layovers and plane changes can be annoying, they are likely to save you $50-$100.
  • Compare – use sites like expedia.com, Skyscanner, google flights, and more to compare different airlines and see which flights are cheaper. Keep in mind if these airlines have extra baggage costs, etc. because these all can factor into the price
  • Get an airline credit card – Fly often? Get an airline credit card that gives you points towards flights every time you use it. You can rack up a lot of miles and get flights for free by buying things you would normally purchase anyway using that card.
  • Be Flexible – When planning a vacation be flexible with the days you’re flying out and flying back. Adding a couple days to your travels can save you big bucks. Plus who doesn’t love an extended vacation?
  • Don’t Book Roundtrip – Sometimes flights can be cheaper if you book two one-way tickets than if you book a roundtrip flight. Flying to a place with a different airline than you fly home from can definitely save you money.

There are plenty of sites and tips out there that can help you save money on airlines costs. The important thing to do is to research and not book the first slight that you see. This way you can have more funds when you get to your actual destination.

Travel Tips: Packing

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When planning and getting ready for a trip packing is usually procrastinated and then done in a rush. Packing well is essential to a successful trip, for example forgetting sneakers to hike or a bathing suit at the beach can lead to a major vacation inconvenience. Creating a list and making sure you have all the essentials is a great way to make sure you are never in a situation without something. There’s a fine balance between packing everything you need and overpacking as well.

Important Documents

Make sure to pack all important documents including passport, ID, credit cards, cash, tickets, hotel confirmation, and travel itinerary. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than getting to an airport and discovering you forgot your boarding pass or your passport. Not to mention, having no money is certainly no way to spend a vacation. Make sure all the documents are in a safe, secure, easy to find place that can be easily accessed since you’ll most likely need them a lot throughout your travels.


It can be easy to overpack in the clothing, shoes, and accessories department when going on vacation. Make sure to plan out your outfits by day and lay them out ahead of time. In addition, make sure to pack a few extra shirts and an extra pair of pants just in case you spill on an outfit or get sweaty. Shoes wise, packing 2 to 3 pairs should be good enough depending on how long you stay. Shoes take up a lot of space and weigh a lot so if you’re traveling via airline it’s best not to add to many. In addition, extra underwear and socks are something you can never go wrong with. Depending on where you are traveling and activities you are doing pack outfits you can layer, bathing suits, etc.


Depending on where you’re traveling, it’s best to buy travel sized bottles once you arrive at your destination. This eliminates the chance of bottles exploding in your bag and also gives you more room for other things. In addition, many travel lines restrict you to only packing a certain amount. Other toiletries that should be brought are basic makeup items, towels, medicine, first aid kit, deodorant, etc.

There are many other things that should be packed for trips but these are a few tips to get you started on sorting out what to bring and what not to bring to have a successful vacation.

Why Traveling Is Good For You

Traveling is a great experience for everyone of all ages. It has a tremendous amount of benefits besides being able to see beautiful places and experience a new culture. There is no reason not buy a ticket and hop on a plane.

Keeps The Mind Sharp

Travel has a great affect on keeping the brain and mind sharp. Since your brain is being introduced to new surroundings and new experiences it becomes challenged build a resilience against degenerative diseases. This cognitive stimulation has been shown to improve memory and concentration, especially with people with dementia. Switching up a vacation destination every year will allow the brain to stay sharp and reap the benefits.

Create Meaningful Relationships

Meeting people from different cultures and countries can give you a new perspective on life. You can meet some of the best people that you form lasting bonds with on these trips. It will also help you form better relationships with people in general, and help you open up and be more social. In addition, being away from home helps you realize what great relationships you have with family and friends and make you take them for granted less.


When you are traveling, even if it is to a town over from you, you are learning new things from the places you are going as well as the history and culture. Learning makes our brains more active which increases happiness, especially when it something that we enjoy learning. Learning new languages, customs and cultures, and even trying foods all stimulates the brain.

Fitness Increase

While most people claim that they do nothing on their vacation, in reality you tend to be more active when you are in a new place, sight seeing, walking to restaurants, and being out and about all day instead of sitting in an office chair all day. In places like the beach, Disney World, and Europe, tourists tend to walk around 10 miles a day. Tourists are also more inclined to try new things like kayaking, paddleboarding, and other activities.

Travelling and taking a break from ‘real life’ has many health benefits. From creating meaningful relationships to increasing fitness there’s no reason not to travel.

Travel Blogs To Follow

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Need some inspiration to travel? Want to learn more about how to get the best deals? There are many resources out there for you to research the best tips and ideas on travel. There are plenty of different blogs all with different niches to look into.

Budget Traveller

The budget traveller blog is all about how to travel on a budget. Who doesn’t like saving money? Kash Bhattacharya has been exploring the world for six years and has plenty of experience about how to save money without skimping on your experience. His blogs are informative with an emphasis on traveling in Europe, like 50 Free Things To Do In London.

Nomadic Matt

This blog is another great resource for people who want to travel on a budget. The site focuses on articles that surround planning out your trip and finding funds to travel such as cheap flights, getting jobs abroad, and other ways to make money to fund trips. He’s been featured in the NY Times, Guardian UK, BBC, and many more.

Young Adventuress

This blog is written by Liz who is an expert on solo female travel. Having been doing it for 10 years, she shares many insights into how to stay safe, what adventures to go on, as well as her mistakes. In addition she shares witty musings, lifestyle posts, and general knowledge from having traveled to over 50 countries.

Expert Vagabond

This blog emphasizes the need to get out of your comfort zone and live your best life. He gives expert travel tips from around the world as well as discusses unique things to do in countries that you wouldn’t think of trying. He’s been traveling around the world for about 6 years and spreads his advice through blogs and photography.


Run by Charli Moore, this is an adventurer blog that shows travel destinations, inspiring tales, and travel photography around the world. Her blog is great for adrenaline junkies looking for a new adventure in another country. She also has helpful guides from places she explored in the past that are great for travelers looking for adventures off the beaten path.

Getting advice and inspiration from travel blogs is a great way to do research and get the most out of your trip by learning from people who have already been where you wanted to go as well as learn from their past mistakes and successes!

Tips For Staying Safe When Traveling


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While most people travel to get away from the stress of the ‘real world’ and to unwind it is important to remember that there is still danger and you should travel with some caution. Often, tourists are taken advantage of especially when they are in a foreign country. Remember these travel safety tips when you are in another country or strange place.

Don’t Stand Out

Muggers often target tourists because they don’t know their way around and don’t know when they are being scammed. Do not stand out from the crowd and look like you don’t know where you are going or what you are doing. In addition don’t wear valuable like expensive watches or big jewelry. This can bring unwanted attention. Make sure to research how locals dress as well. Use google maps with an earphone to find your way around and always stay alert.

Secure Your Valuables

This generally goes without saying, however it is important to secure your cash, passport, and cards. Always make sure they are in a secure place that cannot be easily snagged. In addition keep the numbers of your credit and debit card companies with you so you can call and cancel right away should they be taken. Let your credit card company know you will be overseas as well to prevent them from freezing your card since this is usually a warning sign that they’ve been stolen.

Beware of Scams

Thieves are tricky and many time you may not even realize you are being robbed until after the fact. Watch for people posing as police as well as people who are trying to charge you for tours to show you sights of the place you are at. Beware of everyone, even children. Many people have been pick pocketed or taken advantage of because children distract them with signs or surround them in the streets asking them things. Of course, don’t let this scare you away from talking to locals, just make sure to use caution.


Make sure to let people know you’re leaving as well as give them your itinerary so they know where you are at. Always stay connected, before you leave on your trip check out if your phone has international plans or you can get a cheap burner phone so that you are able to communicate with others. Check in with someone at least once every few days.

Stay Healthy

It is important that you keep your health especially in unfamiliar countries where you don’t know the language. Make sure that you know the water is safe to drink and if not budget accordingly to buy bottle water so that you don’t get dehydrated. Watch what you are eating and pick crowded places that have lines over places that are empty. This will eliminate your chances of food poisoning.

These are all important tips to keep in mind when traveling, however they should definitely not scare you away from going places! These tips will just ensure that you have the best traveling experience possible.

How to Save Money When You Travel

How to Save Money When You Travel

Traveling the world is a dream that many people don’t deem possible due to finances and time. However with the right money saving tips you can definitely afford to take a trip every year without having to eat ramen every day.


Your flight is usually your biggest purchase when you are traveling. Flights can definitely be costly especially when flying out of the country. To save extra cash make sure to be flexible for your flying in and out day. Often leaving one day later or earlier can make up to a $300+ difference. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest day to fly due to the fact that there is less demand then so flying out those days can save you a good amount of money.

Although they can clutter your inbox, signing up for email alerts from airlines as well as flight deal sites like Secret Flying and The Flight Deal. Also, travel light if you can. Airlines charge if you have two bags or more and some are even charging per bag. Instead, opt for a carry on if possible – this way you don’t have to worry about pesky luggage claims either.


Car rentals and taxis can put a huge dent into your budget. When traveling, using public transportation as much as possible is your best bet for saving money. Also walking as much as you can is also a great idea. You can take in the sights, get exercise, and not spend a single cent on transportation.


When eating out three meals a day food budget can definitely sky rocket when traveling. While you want to be able to experience the many foods the culture has to offer, you can do this without emptying your wallet. For breakfast try shopping at the local market or grocery store and picking up fruits, yogurt, and other snacks. Also, watch where the locals go.

Often restaurants catering towards tourists can trap you and leave you with an expensive bill. Instead, try local stands and see where the lines are to taste delicious food. Another money saving tip is to eat big meals at lunch rather than dinner. Since food is often cheaper in the afternoon you will save money on the same food you’d be eating at dinner without sacrificing the experience of trying out new foods.


If you don’t feel comfortable staying in a hostel but also don’t want to pay the pricey fees that come with a hotel then there are many other options. AirBnB is a great way to stay, as well as experience the culture of another country or place better. Also staying in a home allows you access to a kitchen which can tremendously cut down on the high cost of having to eat out. Also staying in the less touristy town 15 minutes from your destination can cut down on costs if you don’t mind being a little bit farther.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still travel. Sticking to a budget, finding cheap transportation and housing deals, are all great ways to travel without breaking the bank. The key to traveling cheaper is to plan so start researching your next destination early and thoroughly.

Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holidays can be a huge headache. Luckily, there are many ways to make getting to your destination much easier. Here’s a guide to avoid the lines have everything you need and be ready for whatever the traveling season pass to throw at you. Whether you’re traveling across the globe or a few states over, here is everything you need to know.

Leave room in your suitcase

You’re going to want to leave room in your suitcase. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying or driving, you want to be able to bring back gifts and anything else you might pick up on the way. Your best bet is to bring along an extra bag or pack your clothing and personal items in a larger bag. If you plan accordingly you’ll be able to bring everything and the kitchen sink home with you.

Leave early

Highway traffic, security lines, flight delays are all things you may experience during holiday travel. In order to account for the unaccountable, plan to leave earlier than you normally would. The worst case you have to sit a little bit longer or you’ll get to your destination early. No matter what it’s better than missing the holiday altogether. Make sure to hit the road early your family will thank you.

Book early

Jesses you want to leave early, do you want to book early. If you need a hotel or flight, you’re going to want to do this as soon as possible. Especially during the holidays, rooms get full and flights completely booked. The best way to avoid travel mishaps is the book and reserve as early as possible. This way you’ll have the peace of mind you need and your family will know when to expect you.

Bring items to keep you occupied

As mentioned above, You may be sitting a little longer than you’d like. The only way to combat boredom, is to plan accordingly. Be sure to pack items to keep you occupied. Some great items are books, tablets, music, and travel games. If you’re bringing electronics with you, don’t forget the Chargers! There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing your tablet is dead and you have no charger. Bring things with you that you know will keep you occupied for at least a few hours. You never know what type of delays you might encounter.

Millenials Shaping The Travel Industy

Millennials are disrupting travel and giving the industry a run for their money. In order to continue making the same money they always were, the travel industry is going to have to keep up with the demands of the younger generation. Here’s just a few of the things Millennials are looking for.

Custom experiences

Millennials stay far away from cookie cutter experiences. The travelers of yesteryear wanted cruise packages and beach front properties. Young adults now want experiences that cater to their wants and needs. The travel industry needs to start providing more flexible options to attract the younger crowd.

Taking sharing to a new level

Today’s young adults are fully immersed in the sharing economy. They take Uber from the airport to get to an AirBnB instead of going the traditional taxi/hotel route. This is in part due to the customization. It’s pretty easy to do when all you have to do is throw open an app. AirBnB also offers prime locations with a unique feel. Every place you stay feels home-y, because it’s actually someone’s house!

Mixing business with pleasure

Millennials, more than any generation, are mixing business and travel. A staggering amount of young professionals are planning vacations around business trips. They save money on airfare and had a prior reason to be at the destination. Additionally, more young professionals are working flexible hours. This means they have the time to see sights and experience the city they are visiting.

Yearning for learnin’

Young adults are going into vacations and traveling with the expectation of coming away with new knowledge and experiences that pushed them as people. Millennials are interesting in picking up the language of where they are visiting or are interested in coming away with a brand new skill. Millennials also are eager to volunteer and give back to the community they are visiting. They want to get something out of the experience and leave something behind.
No matter how you look at it, Millennials are disrupting the traditional values of the travel industry and pushing them to expand what can be offered. It’s ultimately an inevitable change. As more of the Millennial generation are coming into better jobs and more money, they increase their buying power and influence.

Documenting Your Travel Experience

Traveling is an incredible way to make lasting memories. Unfortunately, as time passes, those memories tend to get blurry. Have no fear! There are tons of great ways to preserve your fond memories and even share them with friends, family, and strangers on the internet. This blog highlights just a few ways you can preserve your time around the world for years to come.


Starting a blog and/or vlog is a fantastic way to document your travel experience. Each have their own unique subtleties, but they can work together to showcase and distribute your content with fellow travelers. Blogs are great for going in depth about what you experiences, what you were thinking, and, most importantly, telling a story. Vlogs on the other hand are obviously visually focused, so you’ll be able to capture the places you went and your reactions to them. If you chose to do both, you can marry the two together by embedding relevant vlogs into blog post.


For those who want to walk away with a tangible memory book, you can keep a journal. It’s almost exactly like a blog, without the internet part. You may be more inclined to write more personally accounts in a physical journal. If you want to preserve all emotions, good and bad, journaling is the best way to look back at the whole trip and know just what you were feeling and thinking at the time.


Take plenty of photos! Take photos of yourself, take pictures with other, and take pictures of your surroundings. There’s nothing like pulling up all your photos years later and then have all the memories and feelings rush right back. After all, the saying a “picture is worth a thousand words,” is around for a reason.

Create a Hashtag

Creating your own hashtag will be a fun way for you to catalog all your travels on social media and invite others to see your journey. Share your unique hashtags with friends and family who will want to follow your every step! It will also be awesome to look back after your trips to all the different posts you made across your social profiles.

Curate Playlists

Curating playlists specific to each leg of your trip is a unique way to bring you back to that time and place. You can make playlists based on what you were listening to in that day and time, pick specific songs that have subject matter or a feel from the location, or a mix of both! Either way, you’ll come home from your trip with a ton of great jams to daydream about your travels to. Plus, the movie in your head needs a soundtrack.