Documenting Your Travel Experience

Traveling is an incredible way to make lasting memories. Unfortunately, as time passes, those memories tend to get blurry. Have no fear! There are tons of great ways to preserve your fond memories and even share them with friends, family, and strangers on the internet. This blog highlights just a few ways you can preserve your time around the world for years to come.


Starting a blog and/or vlog is a fantastic way to document your travel experience. Each have their own unique subtleties, but they can work together to showcase and distribute your content with fellow travelers. Blogs are great for going in depth about what you experiences, what you were thinking, and, most importantly, telling a story. Vlogs on the other hand are obviously visually focused, so you’ll be able to capture the places you went and your reactions to them. If you chose to do both, you can marry the two together by embedding relevant vlogs into blog post.


For those who want to walk away with a tangible memory book, you can keep a journal. It’s almost exactly like a blog, without the internet part. You may be more inclined to write more personally accounts in a physical journal. If you want to preserve all emotions, good and bad, journaling is the best way to look back at the whole trip and know just what you were feeling and thinking at the time.


Take plenty of photos! Take photos of yourself, take pictures with other, and take pictures of your surroundings. There’s nothing like pulling up all your photos years later and then have all the memories and feelings rush right back. After all, the saying a “picture is worth a thousand words,” is around for a reason.

Create a Hashtag

Creating your own hashtag will be a fun way for you to catalog all your travels on social media and invite others to see your journey. Share your unique hashtags with friends and family who will want to follow your every step! It will also be awesome to look back after your trips to all the different posts you made across your social profiles.

Curate Playlists

Curating playlists specific to each leg of your trip is a unique way to bring you back to that time and place. You can make playlists based on what you were listening to in that day and time, pick specific songs that have subject matter or a feel from the location, or a mix of both! Either way, you’ll come home from your trip with a ton of great jams to daydream about your travels to. Plus, the movie in your head needs a soundtrack.